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I typically describe Zentangle as being a sort of meditative drawing technique. Zentangle is a method of combining repetitive patterns within a limited amount of space. It is not “just doodling”. There is a certain amount of structure underneath of the ink. It requires little time, space, money, or materials. Everyone is capable of “tangling” and those who are skeptical will be pleasantly surprised. I see it all the time. There is often at least one virgin tangler in my class who guarantees me that he/she CAN’T draw and they’re only there as a favor to their friend or something along those lines. It’s that person who walks out of class, not only with a beautiful piece of artwork, but also an extra bounce in their step and sense of accomplishment. It’s the most beautiful thing. Zentangle increases confidence, focus, awareness of one’s surroundings, and helps to conquer creative blocks. It has many applications that reach beyond pen and paper. I’ve seen this method applied to pottery, quilting, jewelry, tattooing, etc. Some of the patterns are very simple, some are more complex and create a healthy challenge. It’s just so satisfying and quite therapeutic, especially when practiced beyond the classroom. You don’t have to have the steadiest drawing hand. You don’t have to be a practiced “artist”. The hardest thing about Zentangle is finding an acceptable excuse not to try it.
— Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is our in house "CZT" (Certified Zentangle Teacher). You may recognize Sam's work from the publication, "The Beauty of Zentangle" by Cindy Shepard and Suzanne McNeill. She holds Zentangle workshops almost every Sunday afternoon at our studio. 

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